The Casablanca International Mediation and Arbitration Centre (CIMAC), an independent not-for-profit institution, was established in 2016 to meet the demands of the international business community for a neutral, impartial, efficient and reliable dispute resolution institution in Africa, and beyond.

CIMAC is also the result of a long-term project supported by Casablanca Finance City. The project has seen: the incorporation of older arbitration centres into CIMAC; the release of modern, detailed and accessible arbitration and mediation rules in four languages; the constitution of a governing Court; a constant and constructive dialogue with judges; and, last but not least, a programme to enhance Morocco’s current legislative framework, which is already amongst the most welcoming in the Region towards arbitration and other forms of ADR.

CIMAC’s diverse Court embodies its ambition to become a leading centre for Africa. The Court includes: Moroccans, Africans, Arabs, Europeans and Americans; French, English, Arabic and Spanish native speakers; and common and civil lawyers. The members of the Court are internationally recognized as independent specialists. CIMAC is the first arbitration centre on the African continent with a truly international and independent governing body.

With the enthusiastic support of Morocco’s institutions, CIMAC is set to become a unique dispute resolution centre for Africa.